Amber Desire Aroma Woodland Touch Lamp


All the charm to delight your household and enchant your home

  • This aroma lamp creates beautiful shapes that are cleverly integrated into the design of each burner creating wonderful patterns. Each burner looks beautiful when not in use, but once you turn it on and combine the gentle light with your favourite fragrance, then your room takes on a new ambience
  • Air freshener - The aroma lamp can be used with essential oils or wax melts/tart. Choose your favourite scents to fill your home with wonderful fragrances and also use the lamp to eliminate unwanted odours. Wax melts/oils are not included however the lamp uses all brands on the open market
  • Easy and safe to operate - Simply plugin and turn on by touch control at the base of the lamp. After a few minutes, The fragrance will fill the room with pleasant and relaxing aromas
  • The burner also acts as a lamp if you remove the glass dish, it comes with a Dimmer switch to adjust the brightness as well as the heat Which will, in turn, change the strength of the scent. Can be used as a bedside lamp, night light. 25 Watt halogen G9 capsule Blub (spare included, however fragrance oil/melts are not)
  • Instructions for use - All fragrance oils can be used by adding several drops into half the glass dish of water. Do not overfill When using wax melts be careful not to add too much and never use water when using wax melts.
‎30.1 x 13.2 x 13.1 cm

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