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"Best Dad in the World" Glass Sign
"Love you Dad" Ornament
Let it snow ornament
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Long Flower Picture "A friend knows who you are...."
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Long Flower Picture "Friends are like flowers..."
Wooden Sign "You are the mum everybody wishes they had"
Wooden Sign - "You are the Dad everybody..."
Wooden Sign “Definitely Above Average Granddad“
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Wooden Sign-"Best Dad"
Wooden star - Friends are like stars..."
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Wooden Star Best Teacher
Wooden Tug Boat No 4
Bottle Brush Tree
Rocket Ship Sign “Love You to the Moon and Back”
Wooden Sign “Definitely an Above Average Dad“
Porcelain Picture "Live in Sunshine...."
Porcelain Picture "May your troubles be less..."
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Porcelain Picture "Families are the Heart....."
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Wooden Block “When I grow up, I want to be just like my daddy”
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Wooden Printed Block "You are the mum everybody wishes they had"
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Wooden Relief Plaque "Let your dreams set sail"
Wooden Ribbon "Love you Dad"
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Wooden Sail Boat "Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses"
Wooden Sail Boat - "I do like to be beside the seaside..."
Wooden Sail Boat No 2
Wooden sign "Always Drink Responsibly...."
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Antique Copper Divider Box
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Santorini Star
Kiko Brass Frame
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Jali Silver Pot - Antique Silver
Beme Brass Pot
Beme Brass Pot
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Tiny Kiko Frame
Vintage Zinc Churn
Vintage Zinc Jug
Wooden Box with Glass Bottles
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Wooden Fish Tray
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